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Producer of Saffron in Afghanistan

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We export Saffron from Afghanistan all around the world.

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First of all we would like to thank those who have chosen our website to view then we want to present you a short introduction of our company. Ghoryan Saffron is a private agricultural company which was established responsibly and technically according to world wild view points and international standards. Thus the company with its professional team is performing its activities in many fields such as planting, processing, packaging, marketing and distributing of Afghanistan original and genuine Saffron and other medical plants and is also planning and implementing of agricultural projects on the basis of international standards. So, the company’s board of directors tries its best to present the most qualified and genuine Saffron in the bazaar.

Ghoryan Saffron

What is Saffron?

Saffron known by its scientific name (Crocus Sativus Linnaeus) belongs to iridaceae family which has long, green and glittering leaves and is long, green and glittering leaves and is a perennial grass that has attracting purple color.

This precious grass possesses a subterranean, glandular and bulbous petiole which is actually called Saffron onion by which the grass is reproduced. For this reason it is called the most valuable and precious grass on the earth. Saffron is a yellowish-orange substance that is obtained from a flower and is used to add flavor and coloring to foods and beverages. Saffron is a bouquet separated from a blossom which has a dark red color. These bouquets are separated from blossoms by patient and conscious ladies and are wiped and dried by its exclusive machines and after being wiped they are presented in the bazaars as Saffron.

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